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Andy Hunter

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Andy Hunter & David Smith
Collecting Old Cues

Andy Hunter is "The Cue Collector" of "The Amateur Billiard Player" magazine and co-writer with David Smith for Cues n Views.

Please remember that these articles were taken directly from text supplied to "The Amateur Billiard Player" magazine in 2001n to 2003, therefore prices quoted reflect this time period.

Navigate the articles using the Menu to the left to go to the item of your choice, or scroll down for a brief description of each article.

By Andy Hunter & David Smith

W J Peall Cues - I have seen several cues over the last few years that have the name of W J Peall on their badges. By far the most common of these cues is the cue that commemorates his break of 3,304.

Edward Diggle Cues - All of the Diggle cues commemorate his performances during a match against John Roberts Junior at the Argyll Hall, London made on January 4th 1895.

Melbourne Inman Cues - This cue is described as a "facsimile", which was intended to be an exact copy of the cue used by Inman himself

George Nelson Cues - His "Yorkshire Champion Cue" would have been made during the five year period when he held that title and was manufactured by William Sykes

J P Mannock Cues - His original 1891 cue, on which all later models were based, was produced in two versions. Both had badges, which were made from mother-of-pearl.

Tom Newman Cues - Most Newman cues are good playing cues although you can get one or two whippy ones, it has to be said that the whippy ones are often the older versions.

Claude Falkiner Cues - The Falkiner cue can be either machine of hand-spliced. Both carry the same badge which would have been made from bone on the early versions and inscribed "Facsimile of the cue used by Claude Falkiner".

H W Stevenson Cues - Stevenson cues are known to have been produced by at least three manufacturers, these being Burroughes & Watts, Cox & Yemen and Peradon & Co.

Willie Smith Cues - Willie Smith cues are generally much sought after by players and collectors alike.

Tom Reece Cues - All of the cues that carry the name of Tom Reece are inscribed with his famous "record" break.

Cue Manufacturers & Manufacturing - Cue manufacturers such as Thurston, Burroughes & Watts, Ashcroft and Padmore, would often personalise cues for their customers.

Burroughes & Watts - Burroughes & Watts are one of the best-known cue makers in the collecting field.

Charles Parker & Sons - Barnsley - We have recently been asked about cues by Parker and Son. These are not particularly common, but neither are they the rarest of cues.


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