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Billiards & Snooker Bygones

Norman Clare Retrospective
Cues n Views is proud to present the Norman Clare Retrospective section as a tribute to the noted Billiards & Snooker Historian.

Thurston, current copyright holders, has kindly granted permission to Cues n Views to present the articles written by Norman Clare and originally published in Cue World in the early nineteen eighties.

Navigate the articles using the Menu to the left to go to the item of your choice, or scroll down for a brief description of each article.

The Norman Clare Articles

Part one - The origin of the game of Billiards
The origin of the game of Billiards is very obscure, although many efforts have been made to trace its history, always without success. There are in existence a number of "theories" or "anecdotes" which endeavour to explain the origin of the game.
Past Masters - Edwin Kentfield & John Carr.

Part two - Rules and Improvements
Rule No. XXXVI Whoever stops a ball when running, with hand, stick, or otherwise loses the lead and if his adversary don't like the ball he has to play at the next stroke.

Part three - Past Masters - John Roberts senior.


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