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Mark Wildman

We are pleased to welcome a new contributor to Cues n Views, The gentleman in question is a former World Billiards Champion, top sixteen Snooker player, ITV commentator and summariser and Eurosport commentator. This gentleman's credentials go back to the great days of Billiards, he has even been supported by the legendary W J Peall and has rubbed shoulders with Joe and Fred Davis as well as making the first century break at Snooker ever seen on television.

I will keep you in suspense no longer; I am proud to welcome our newest contributor to Cues n Views, a tireless supporter of Billiards, Mr Mark Wildman.

As a footnote; Mark's other achievements include being World Professional Billiards and Snooker Chairman. He has a high break in competition of 497 and has a high practice break of 764 and as a boy he won the British Junior Championship and the Boys Championship and in the process played at the hallowed Burroughes and Watts Hall in Soho Square, London.

David Smith
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Reminiscences of a Billiards Man

Reminiscences of a Billiards Man My early days in playing both Billiards and Snooker were focused towards playing in the British Isles Championships which were held over two separate weeks at Burroughes and Watts Hall, Soho Square in London.

English Amateur Billiards Championships Final 2006

English Amateur Billiards Championships Final 2006 On Sunday March 19th I watched the final of one of the oldest individual national sporting contests anywhere in the world! The English Amateur Billiards Championships held at the Whitworth Institute, Darley Dale, Derbyshire.

Harry Young Boys Billiards Championship 1951 - A Picture

A Picture I came across an old photograph recently which you may find interesting. It was taken during the Harry Young Boys Billiards championship of 1951 at Burroughes and Watts Hall at 19 Soho Square, London. Some of those boys will be recognized now 55 years later