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Joe Davis cue

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Cues n Views update of the week

Newsflash: Cues n Views now has on offer For Sale from the collection of Dominic Dale a range of collectable cues that will interest the more serious collector.

Newsflash: New for Cues n Views; a series of articles looking at some of the less common areas of Billiard book collecting by Harry Smith.

Newsflash: Watch out for new articles from Mark Wildman on this Web Site in the coming months.

Newsflash: Due to popular demand Cues n Views has introduced a new For Sale section.

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Picture Gallery index- cues, books, balls and cards.


What do you want?

Perhaps I should be more explicit; I collect old Billiards and Snooker cues as well as other items that take my fancy.

I have most of the cues that I want so am offering a kind of matching service to you as readers of this site.

I don’t want to make a profit but would take great pleasure in helping you to find what you want.

I also collect books and here again, have mostly what I want, in point of fact I believe that I have the books that I can realistically afford, however I have a network of friends who have items that they consider surplus due to duplication that they might consider passing on should the right circumstances present themselves.

If you are awaiting a reply to an enquiry for information on collecting old cues, please be patient as the number of enquiries has dramatically increased since our launch.

If you have items for sale or are looking for something please let me know I’ll do what I can to help you out.

All that I would ask is the cost of postage.

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Billiards Masterclass 2004
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My cue collection

New Articles

Mike Hallett Cue - In 1993 Mike Hallett the former world number five from Grimsby commissioned Glover Cues to make him a matching pair of custom made cues to suit his playing needs.
Cigarette Cards In More Detail - I have gathered together a few examples of the variety of cigarette cards that are commonly available, these cards are of course related to both Billiards and Snooker collecting.
The Cues n Views archive
Cues n Views is about saving old cues for future generations to enjoy and a service that aims to inform those of you that are interested in old cues about their history, their design peculiarities and their current market value as a collector’s item or for insurance purposes.
Buying an old cue - If you are buying a cue to use as your own “playing cue”, the decision is quite a simple one, however if you are buying a cue in the hope that it will one day appreciate in value, the decision is a little more complicated. (includes a tip on how to tell the difference between hand-spliced and machine-spliced cues).
Interview with Dominic Dale - For those of you not familiar with Dominic Dale he is currently ranked well inside the top thirty-two Snooker players in the world. His biggest success on the pro-circuit to date was winning the 1997 Grand Prix, defeating John Higgins in the final.
A Spaceman came calling or 85 under the shade without his own cue - Imagine my surprise if you will, a few short days ago. I picked up my messages the other day and recognised the voice included amongst these messages as the voice of Dominic Dale, former Grand Prix Champion and in past times a rather eminent cue collector himself.
Travelling for a Purchase - I recently embarked on a trip to Mansfield to look for a Read's Champion cue and came back with an early machine spliced Horace Lindrum Picture badged cue as well.
Picture & signature cues, can they make a comeback? - I am often disappointed with the badges that are used on modern cues, little round discs are more than adequate to let the buyer know who made the cue and what model it is, however something a little more creative would be appreciated from time to time.
Big break for George Chenier - I recently received an e-mail asking for a valuation and a little additional historical information concerning a George Chenier cue. For those of you who are unaware of who George Chenier was, well he was a Snooker player from Canada who was invited to England in 1950 by the legendary Joe Davis.
Walter Donaldson the Flowing Scotsman - There is, to my knowledge, only one type of cue that bears the name Walter Donaldson. They were made by Peradon Limited around the time that Walter was winning the World Snooker Championships.
Joe Davis Cues - There are so many Variants of the Joe Davis cue that I could create a whole web site about them. Having said that I will try to give you a flavour of what to look out for.
Cues I Rarely Mention - These cues feature the names of some of the founders of modern cue sports, Joseph Bennett, William Cook, John Roberts, Charles Dawson, Cecil Harverson, W J Peall, H W Stevenson and of course John Roberts Junior.
Fifth Sidney Smith Cue - Until recently, I was only aware of four Sidney Smith badged cues, then last week I discovered a fifth.
The Essential Cue Collection - Slightly for fun we have put together a list of the cues that might make up the ideal cue collection.
Rare Old Books - Some of the rarer books that you might like to track down include, such titles as the Badminton Library, this book was first published in 1896.
One Cue - Some people play snooker with one cue, all their lives. It is not necessary to change your cue once you find one that you are comfortable with.
Older Books - I have many of the older books including William Duffton’s book "Practical billiards" from 1868 and John Roberts’s book, Roberts on billiards from 1873.
Interactive Museum - We will show the pictures of many items on this site, in the hope of creating a kind of interactive museum. Where you can eventually look at a catalogue of items that are around and enjoy a more detailed appreciation of days gone by in the field of both Snooker and English Billiards.
What's Yours? - Where you one of the people that sent a Burwat Champion to Alex Higgins, in the hope of helping him to win a third world championship? Do you own a matching pair of custom built "Eureka’s", do you use a John Roberts cue to help your Tomatoes to grow straight? Let me Know.
Norman Clare - Norman Clare gathered together a wonderful collection of Snooker and Billiards memorabilia that is kept at the Liverpool offices of Thurston. Includes link to the Cues n Views Norman Clare Retrospective.
Modern Books - It is interesting to note that 2001 is the 20th anniversary of Steve Davis winning his first World Snooker title. This means that his two book autobiography is virtually 20 years old, these books are worth reading as they capture moments in time that are long gone now.
Future Collectibles - To start a worthwhile cue collection is not as difficult as you might think. Some of the more modern cues are quite attractive and will no doubt appreciate in value over the coming years.
Cigarette Cards - I am just starting to learn a little something about the very interesting subject of Cigarette Card collecting, this subject is new to me. Includes link to Cigarette Cards In More Detail.
Temptation to Sell - The down side of owning a rare billiard or snooker cue is that the temptation to sell it can come upon you quite suddenly and after selling the feeling of loss can be quite long lasting.
W J Peall - I sometimes wonder what kind of Snooker player Peall would have been if either the game had taken his interest or, if he had been born twenty years later.
The Lindrum Selection of Cues - Walter and Horace Lindrum were Uncle and Nephew cueists from Australia. Between them they won many snooker and billiards tournaments.
Collect or Tinker? - I recently received an e-mail asking what should he collect and where should he start. Tinkering with cues yourself, is not in my opinion a good idea as it often results in the cue becoming unplayable.
Balls - We collectors are a weird breed, you know, I have even gathered together a small collection of balls.
Autographs - Some people only collect non mass-produced items, such as personally autographed items; perhaps they feel closer to the subject of their collection by owning things that their subject has touched?
Books - Collecting early books has become quite expensive in recent years; I first started collecting mine in second hand shops paying on average £5. Unfortunately, this situation didn’t last long but I suppose that I’ve had my fair share of bargains.
Peradon Limited - If you see an old cue with a player’s name, face or record break on the badge with no other maker’s name included, chances are that Peradon made the cue. Now includes My Peradon Cues.

2004 Grand Prix - I spent a great day at the Grand Prix Snooker on Saturday 2nd October 2004 as a guest of my friend Dominic Dale.
U.K. Professional Snooker championships 2003 - Visiting the UK Championships in York this week has been a very great pleasure, not only did my friend Dominic Dale win his first match but I also saw a number of good players in action.
Arenas - On a visit to the qualifying competition for the Powerhouse United Kingdom Professional Snooker championships 2002 in York I was struck by the situation that the top and former top players find themselves competing in.
Where are they now? - As both Snooker and Billiards are now recognised as young men’s games, I find myself wondering what happened to certain players who graced our television screens only a few short years ago.
Mike Russell; is he the last of a dying breed? - Mike Russell, along with a small group of devotees has kept the game of competitive Billiards going over the past few years. Along with holding down a day job, he has also managed to maintain his skills and travel the world in search of competition.
The Ladies Game - In searching out the roots of both Billiards and Snooker it would be remiss of me not to include a little something about the women’s or as it used to be known in gentler times, "The ladies game”.
Competitions News n Views Index Page - Articles by David Smith on current and past competitions. The 2002 Benson & Hedges Masters is the latest Snooker competition to be covered. An impressive Billiads tournament is the first competition of 2003 to be covered.
Cue Stories - Cue stories abound from the early days of billiards until today.
Spectacles - I was born with cataracts and later developed Glaucoma, an eye disorder that means that fluid normally found in the eye does not drain away and so builds up destructive pressure unless medication is administered.
The Nineteen Eighties - As shocking as it may seem the 1980’s are fast becoming historical times for the game of Snooker, the players of this era are considered by the youngsters in the clubs to be from a totally different time.
Scoring Power - What concentration must it have taken for players like Newman, Davis and Lindrum to allow them to make Billiard breaks numbering in the thousands?
World's best player? - Many people have recently begun to say that Ronnie O’Sullivan is the best player ever to pick up a cue.
Outsider? - Perhaps it is a good thing that I don't know all the internal wrangling that plague my favourite sport.
Convention? - If this event was promoted effectively and run for the fans rather than purely for business people I think that it would bring the game back to the people.
Epic Matches - When you watch a Snooker match, what are the things that stick in your mind long term?
Snooker Etiquette - I don't think that we need worry too much about the state of the game at grass roots level, but I would like to do my bit to keep things this way.

Questions & Answers:
The Cues n Views archive
Cues n Views is about saving old cues for future generations to enjoy and a service that aims to inform those of you that are interested in old cues about their history, their design peculiarities and their current market value as a collector’s item or for insurance purposes.
About Cues n Views - Background information about Cues n Views and David Smith, cue collector.
Answers - If you have a question about Billiards and Snooker, this site will attempt to answer it. We would prefer that you do not ask us to go into the technicalities of the rules or to begin to discuss theoretical situations like if player A pots all fifteen red balls and then has a bacon sandwich what would the referee do?
History Page - Billiards & Snooker timeline - This chronology does not claim to be complete but it does intend to give some idea of what occurred during the pre Snooker boom era, right up until the 1960’s.
History Page - Billiards Championship records - Here is a table of Billiards Championship results from 1870 to 1934 to put into context some of the players that we talk about throughout the Web Site.

Links - Cues n Views Recommended Links to other cue sports Web Sites.

Just for Fun:

Picture Gallery:
Picture Gallery - New for Cues n Views, our Gallery includes pictures of cues by proffessional photographer Viv Welsh, Balls and Cards.

Snooker Quiz One - Just for fun! David Smith's first Snooker Quiz for Cues n Views. Test your knowledge, updated March 2002, now interactive.

On Spring Bank Holiday Monday 2001 David and John Smith called at Borders book shop in Leeds where they decided to stop for a cup of tea and a snack, it just so happened that it was "Open Mike" poetry reding night. David decided to have a go at poetry himself.
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